One-Shots Mini-Series Ariana Teaching Natalie .
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Writingyouwet Complete Story List (updated 7-19-14)



*Contains Triggering Material


Mini Series

After Work Sex

  1. After Work Sex
  2. After Work Sex 2
  3. After Work Sex 3

After School Special

  1. After School Special pt 1
  2. After School Special pt 2
  3. After School Special pt 3
  4. After School Special pt 4

Animating Megan

  1. Animating Megan
  2. Animating Megan 2
  3. Animating Megan 3
  4. Animating Megan 4
  5. Animating Megan 5

Annalee Is All Grown Up

  1. Annalee is All Grown Up
  2. Annalee is All Grown Up 2
  3. Annalee is All Grown Up 3
  4. Annalee is All Grown Up 4
  5. Annalee is All Grown Up 5

Babygirl Rachel

Brandi The Band Nymph

  1. The Band Nymph
  2. The Band Nymph 2
  3. The Band Nymph 3
  4. The Band Nymph 4
  5. The Band Nymph 5

Brother and Sisterly Love

(Warning contains incest)

  1. The Halloween Party Accident
  2. Just One More Time
  3. Always and Forever


  1. Camptown
  2. Camptown 2

Caught With her Panties

  1. Caught With her Panties pt 1
  2. Caught With her Panties pt 2: Meeting Maggie

Celeb Fanfic Fantasies

  1. Bianca’s Scarlett Date
  2. Brandi Meets and Greets Vanessa

The Student

  1. The Student
  2. The Student: Getting to Know Alex Better
  3. The Student: Alex Plays in Class

Seeing Montana

  •    Part 1 The farm
  1. A Day on the Farm
  2. Another Day on the Farm
  3. A Night on the Farm
  4. A Storm on the Farm
  • Part 2 Off The Farm
  1. A Day in the Shower
  2. A Day at the Wedding


  1. Puerto Rico Sexcation
  2. New York Sexcation
  3. New York Sexcation: Part 2

Sisters Best Friend

Trina (spin off the Teaching Natalie) *ON PERMANENT HIATUS

  1. Prelude
  2. Chapter 1: Meeting the Gang
  3. Chapter 2 : Jake
  4. Chapter 3: Jake
  5. Chapter 4: Jake
  6. Chapter 5: Ana
  7. Chapter 6 : Ana
  8. Chapter 7: Ana

Water Sports


Ariana Grande FanFic

  1. A Grande Friday Night
  2. A Grande Date
  3. A Grande Valentines Day
  4. A Grande Birthday
  5. A Grande Premiere


Teaching Natalie

The Punishment of Natalie -
       * Contains scenes of Rape and Incest. Do not read if you are offended by these themes

Natalie’s Kinky Home Coming Week 

Natalie’s Road to Graduation

Spring Break Natalie

Prom Sextacular

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